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The detailed RiSE conference report is available upon request.

2.-4. June 2014
3rd «RiSE» Research Conference

Creative Economy - Transformation to a new economic paradigm from a social, ecological, and entrepreneurial perspective.

The third RiSE research conference was held in the Bruno Kreisky Hall of the Vienna Diplomatic Academy from June 2, to June 4, 2014.


Prof. Dormels, Head Korean Studies, University of Vienna
Prof. Dong-Sung CHO, Seoul National University
Prof. Chul Young LEE, Social Enterprise Network Korea
Prof. Chul Woo MOON, Sungkyunkwan University



Young Wan SONG, Ambassador Republic of South-Korea
Ambassador Hans Winkler, Director Diplomatic Academy
Maria-Christina Brunauer, Director Initiative Future


«Transformation to a new economic paradigm»

Austrian and Korean experts worked on the challenging topic of transforming our economies to viable social systems that create added economic, social and ecological value to society (referred to as «creative» economies).


Austrian and Korean audience



Maria-Christina Brunauer - Prof. Dong Sung CHO


High ranked delegates opened the conference with inspiring key-notes:


Key-note by Prof. Aiginger, WIFO


  • Ambassador Dr. Hans Winkler, Director, Vienna Diplomatic Academy
  • h.E. Young-Wan SONG, Ambassador, Republic of South-Korea
  • Prof. Dr. Karl Aiginger, Director, Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO)
  • Dr. Christoph Schneider, Head of Economic Policy, Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  • Herta Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen, Flame of Peace Association, sent a special message of greeting.

Vienna Diplomatic Academy, Bruno Kreisky Hall



The conference war marked by a warm-hearted
atmosphere amoung the contributors




The Vienna Diplomatic Academy - a place of history

In 1754 Empress Maria Theresa founded the Oriental Academy to train young men for the diplomatic service of the Habsburg monarchy.

Out of the Oriental Academy evolved first the Consular Academy and in 1964 the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, thanks to the initiative of Bruno Kreisky, at this time Minister of Foreign Affairs, later Chancellor of the Republic of Austria. The Academy is thus one of the oldest of its kind worldwide.

The Academy's first director Prof. Ernst-Florian Winter, husband of Johanna von Trapp, one of the famous Sound of Music-singers, laid the foundation for many diplomatic and ecological initiatives during his fruitful life. He was mentor of Initiative Future Association until his decease in 2014.




New Gospel Concert

As the conference's evening program, the Helping Hands Family - New Gospel Ensemble with the Vienna Church Music Conservatory presented moving New Gospel Songs full of atmosphere in St.Peter Church, one of the most beautiful churches in Vienna.

Bishop Dr. Franz Scharl opened the concert with a warm-hearted welcome address to the musicians and the delegates of the Republic of South Korea.

Watch our short Impressions from the New Gospel Concert ...