17.-22. November 2014
Global Entrepreneurship Week in Korea

GEW is the world's leading conference of innovators and job creators who bring ideas to life.


Paul Shin, PhD, President of Global Startup Network
welcoming Mag. Maria-Christina Brunauer,
the delegate from Austria


Maria-Christina Brunauer, Director Initiative Future,
with delegates from East-Asia, United States, and Korean
government officials, pressing the "Go-button"...


Austria as the European representative of Creativity



... starting the "Snowfall of Gold"


«The Key to Multiplication»

Amoung delegates from the United States, Israel, and East Asia, Initiative Future Association was invited to the Global Entrepreneuship Week 2014 in Seoul/Republic of Korea representing an Austrian Model of Creative Economy.

GEW intended to inspire young people and to help them explore their potential. Maria-Christina Brunauer, Executive Director of Initiative Future gave a lecture on «The Key to Multiplication - Talents multiply if used properly» based on the testimonial of her own success story.


Maria-Christina Brunauer with Camille Meloto,
the delegate from the Phillippines.
Her venture humanheartnature.com has the potential
to make a change in her home country.

High ranked officials from Korean institutions opened the conference, among them Cheol-ju Hwang, Chairman of Korean Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation, and Paul Shin, President of the Global Startup Network, Co-Organiser of the event.

Young delegates from Korea, East-Asia, Israel, the US, and Maria-Christina Brunauer from Austria, shared their remarkable stories how they brought ideas to life - through their

  • empathy,
  • passion,
  • inspiration,
  • creativity, and
  • courage.

Thank you - 감사합니다 (Kam sa hab ni da) ...



The Global Entrepreneurship Week was highlighted
by a traditional Korean dance-performance.