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Yobeliee is a premium non-alcoholic beverage, containing a unique combination of fruit and blossom extracts.

A sense of joy and delightYobeliee® - Creative+Bioactive

Taking nature as the model for innovations leads to outstanding inventions ...


Yobeliee - a unique drinking experience

Awarded in the category of health-care

Unique drinking experienceNature's Lessons

  • Similar to natural fruits and blossoms, Yobeliee activates the body’s internal endorphines in a natural way by means of a special combination of fruit and blossom extracts.
  • People report a feeling of joy and delight when drinking Yobeliee.
  • The special combination and preparation of the raw essences results in the transformation of the substances - flowering out in a wonderful bouquet and a great taste.
  • This process of maturation can be compared with the transformation process of wine, when the primary grape juice turns into a new product with entirely different characteristics. However, Yobeliee is non-alcoholic.
  • During the manufacturing process, Yobeliee develops over 100 different aromatic compounds. Depending on one's own taste, you might smell and taste a very special flavour.

Yobeliee has been awarded in the category of health care ...