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Austria - South Korea
«RiSE» Research Program

Raising competitive advantage and productivity by combining
Social purpose and Economic activity.


delightful atmosphere at the RISE opening conference

The RiSE opening conference was marked by a
delightful atmosphere. - Korean Ambassador
Hyun Cho and Maria-Christina Brunauer

Transformation to a new economic paradigm

The RiSE research program focuses on one of our countries' most challenging issues: The transformation of our economies into viable social systems that create added economic, social and ecological value to society (referred to as «creative» economies)

Indeed, both Austria and South Korea have already called to foster innovation and scientific excellence.

In search for a «creative economy» – one that is dominated by highly innovative enterprises with a societal mission, not only technological innovations are being called for, but especially social innovations such as new business models - resulting in improved competitive advantage and productivity.


Project launch in the Year of Jubilee

Contributing to the celebration of 120 and 50 years of Korean-Austrian relationships, Initiative Future Association initiated the cross-national research program «RiSE», addressing the described socio-political issues in Austria and South Korea.

The frist RiSE research conference took place in Vienna in April 2013, followed by the second conference in Seoul in September 2013.


RISE Research Conference Vienna 2014

Our third three-day conference was held from June 2-4, 2014, guided by the following research questions:

  • Which are the greatest challenges and chances on the pathway to a highly innovative socio-economic system?
  • How can the transformation into viable socio-economic enterprises be fostered?

Answering such questions demands an interdisciplinary approach, that is why scholars from different fields of research attended the conference. In addition, practitioners and policy-makers shared their viewpoints with the scientific community.


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