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Walking along pathways to socio-creative economy.


Future – Health – Humanity
Initiative Future Association

Initiative Future is a private, independent research Association.

We investigate pathways to socio-creative economy –
one that creates added economic, social and ecological value to society.

We run our own social venture that combines an ongoing economic activity with a social mission.
Our activities cover three areas:

Economic Research

Our Emblem derives from the
stylistic element of a Gothic Trefoil
and symbolizes the combination of
social purpose and economic activity.

Economic Research
Pathways to socio-creative economy

Today's economic system is in need of fundamental change. Since economic success and material wealth became the predominant ideology in our world, the environment has been badly injured, which resulted in inhuman working and living conditions for millions of people.

Seeing the fading brilliancy of maximizing profit, people are seeking for pathways to social sustainability. Given that our economic and social system are closely tied together, the combination of social purpose and economic activity opens up such an avenue to a viable social system.

In fact, enterprises in which the social purpose represents the main reason for doing business are already recognized by researchers and policy-makers for having the potential to solve socio-political issues.

In light of the growing interest in promoting social ventures, Initiative Future Association engages in a research cooperation with international scientists with the purpose of developing a socio-creative enterprise model.

LIFE Products Marketing GmbH

LIFE Products Marketing GmbH
Initiative Future's operating company

Entrepreneurial Activities
Towards Health and a sound life

Our products are intended to foster health and soundness.

Furthermore, our entrepreneurial activity lays the basis for the socio-creative business model developed by Initiative Future Association.

Our principles:

  • Maintain the Successive Chain of Innovation
  • Use pioneering technologies and respect the environment
  • Dedicate activities to a social purpose

Our entrepreneurial activities:

  • Development and Production of Yobeliee® – the Creativity Drink.
  • Austrian Representation of Mijello – water colors by nature developed in South Korea.

Helping Hands Family

Helping Hands Family
Initiative Future's Social Purpose

Engagement for People
Social Purpose

Initiative Future dedicates its activites to a social purpose, specifically our own Helping Hands Family children aid project in Uganda/East Africa.

Our overall principle is to enable the Ugandan people themselves to help their fellow citizens. We serve as the Helping Hands.

Our Mission in Uganda:

  • Building schools
  • Helping the poor
  • Medical treatment for chidren and parents

As we help the Ugandan people to establish these projects themselves, they will maintain their African lifestyle and raise young people who understand the needs of their fellow citizens.